Evolution-Series DC 30 Portable Charger CHAdeMO + CCS combo-2 30Kw

Evolution-Series DC 30 Portable Charger CHAdeMO + CCS combo-2 30Kw
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Evolution-Series DC 30 Portable Charger

The DC portable charger is an economical and quick-charging solution for all electric vehicles with CHAdeMO and CCS.

With a compact and portable performance, unlike an EV Charging Station, it can be installed easily and at low cost and transported for use in different situations with minimal effort.

Depending on the VE model, the charger can charge up to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

Available in three models 30, 45, 60kW and with adjustable power from 3.7kW.

The intuitive interface indicates all the necessary information related to the charging status, namely the elapsed time, the energy consumed and the current level of the same.


DC power up to 30Kw

Adjustable DC power

4.3 ”screen

0% to 80% in less than 30 minutes


High efficiency: 93.5%

High power factor: 0.99


Small and medium-sized companies

Taxi / Uber fleet operators

Car repair shops

Nominal AC input power for DC output

Phases                                                            3- Phases L1, L2, L3 + N + PE

Voltage                                                                            380V +/- 10%

Frequency                                                                           50-60Hz

Input current                                                            30kva 45kva 60kva

Efficiency & Power Factor                                                    97; 0.99

DC output

Voltage                                                                             50Vdx to 500Vdc

Current Up                                                             to 45A Up to 63A Up to 87A

Rated power                                                                       30Kw 45Kw 60Kw

General Specifications

Loading                                                                    ~ IEC 61851-1 (Mode 4)

Type of sockets                                                          CHAdeMO / CCS combo-2

Communication with EV                                                            CAN, PLC

Man-machine interface                                                            By default

Screen                                                                            Color screen (4.5 inches)

Button                                                                                    Emergency button

Cooling system                                                                       Forced ventilation

Installation locationS                                                                          Interior

Altitude                                                                                            Up to 1000m

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature                                                                 -45 ° C ~ + 45 ° C

Operating Temperature                                                             -45 ° C ~ + 45 ° C

Humidity                                                                                             10% ~ 90%

Mechanical Data

Degree of protection                                                                             IP 22

Measurements (LX P XA)                                                              TW30Port (250x500x450)                     TW45Port(250x500x450)             TW60Port(250x500x600)

Weight                                                                                                38kg 50kg 68kg

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