Portable type2 EV Charger Single Phase (Soft start) Max. 7.4Kw

Portable type2 EV Charger Single Phase (Soft start) Max. 7.4Kw
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Portable type2 EV Charger Single Phase (Soft start) Max. 7.4Kw

With the unique ability to reduce the load speed, when another load is detected - anti trip of circuit breakers.

The battery balancing procedure can increase the battery's useful capacity and health status (SOH)

Monitor the health of your home power network with a spectacular SOP (power state) parameter. Be safe and protected while charging your car.

This charger can be flexibly configured according to the customer's wishes.

Grid monitoring - immediate load speed reduction while another load is detected - no more fuse switches off

BatteryCare ™ - exclusive full charge / no full charge modes with maximum battery life protection

2.8-inch touchscreen - human interface with “geek mode” - Can monitor all parameters during charging.

Loading speed

Accelev tries to optimize the loading speed and load automatically, so the following situations can occur:

• The AC network is not overloaded, the car battery is not full - charging speed is maximized

• The AC network is overloaded - the charging speed is reduced by Accelev

• Your car's battery is almost full - charging speed is reduced in the car.

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