Onyx Tower + wallbox CopperSB-Series 22Kw

Onyx Tower + wallbox CopperSB-Series 22Kw
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Product Description

Onyx Tower + Wallbox CopperSB-Series 22Kw 

- The Onyx Loading Tower was designed with a practical and elegant design, which adapts perfectly to the outdoor environment;

- It has cable passage and support for the cable and the connector.

Wallbox CopperSB-Series 22Kw + APP + RFID (Adjustable 6A to 32A)

Note: This wallbox supports single-phase and three-phase installation

The Wallbox Copper SB is adapted for commercial and semi-public use. With the introduction of a universal socket, the charger is suitable for Type 1 and Type 2 vehicle connectors. Access control is managed via RFID.

Copper SB is an intelligent device, which is permanently connected to the myWallbox management and charging platform. Consequently, it is possible to monitor several users and the available power can be distributed among the various chargers.

Main Features

- The plug connector is universal, that is, it can be used in all types of plug-in vehicles;

- The process of authentication of several users occurs through RFID and the application;

- Distribution of charging power among chargers, thanks to the Intelligent Energy Sharing feature;

- With an excellent design and manufacture, this product will contribute to reinforce the company's image;

- Charging power up to 22kW

- Compatible with all type 1 and type 2 electric cars

- RFID cards

- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

General Specification 

Electrical Specifications


Copper SB

Charging Mode

Mode 3



Dimensions (mm)



2kg (without cable)

Operating temperature

-25 ° C to 40 ° C

Storage temperature

-40 ° C to 70 ° C


CE Mark (LVD 2014/35 / EU, EMCD 2014/30 / EU) EC 61851-1, IEC 61857-22, IEC 62186-2

Maximum Output

7,4 kW



Supply voltage

220V – 240 V

400 V


Maximum Current

32 A (1P)

16 A (3P)

32 A (3P)

Connector Type

Type 1/ Type 2

Type 2

Type 2

Cable Width

5 x 6 mm

Configurable charging current

Between 6th and maximum exit

Nominal frequency

50 Hz / 60 Hz

Connector Type

Type 2 Socket (shutter optional)

Protection Classification

IP 54 / IK08

Overvoltage category


Residual current detection

DC 6 mA


External RCCB required


User interface and communications


Wi-Fi / Ethernet/  Bluetooth

User identification

Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal /RFID

User interface

Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal

Charger status information

RGB LED/  Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal

Features Included

Conectividade 3G/4G / Power Boost

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