Commander2-Series 22Kw Wallbox Pack (Adjustable 6A to 32A) 3-phase

Commander2-Series 22Kw Wallbox Pack (Adjustable 6A to 32A) 3-phase
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Product Description

Commander-Series 22Kw Wallbox Pack (Adjustable 6A to 32A) 3-phase + Powet Boost 3P + Hose Holder

- Up to 22kw;

- Integrated 5m charging cable;

- Control of multiple user profiles;

- Receive notifications of your upload sessions;

- Weather resistant;

- Easy-to-use touch screen;

- Regulate your home's consumption with our Power boost;

The Wallbox Commander 2 is an advanced and intelligent charging system for plu-in vehicles, designed for semi-public and corporate charging locations. It is a new and updated second generation design, which includes internal protection with DC leakage. This design facilitates installation and makes it more economical.

The charger connects to the myWallbox management platform, which makes it smart and allows access to multiple users with a simple PIN code, RFID card and Wallbox mobile application. The touch screen is attractive, practical and easy to navigate. It can be customized according to personal preferences and display messages and company logos.

Main features

- Ability to manage multiple users through PIN code, RFID and the Wallbox mobile application;

- Distribution of charging power among chargers thanks to the Intelligent Energy Sharing feature;

- Real-time monitoring supported by myWallbox;

- Integrated protection against DC leakage;

- Seven inch touch screen interface;

- Compatible with all type 2 electric cars;

- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity;

General Specifications


Commander 2

Cable length

5m (7m optional)

Load Mode

mode 3

Color Load Mode

White or Dark Blue

Dimensions (mm)

221x152x115mm (without cable)


2.4kg (without cable)

Operating temperature

-25 ° C to 40 ° C

Storage temperature

-40 ° C to 70 ° C

Default Brand

CE Mark (LVD 2014/35 / EU, EMCD 2014/30 / EU) EC 61851-1, IEC 61857-22, IEC 62186-2

Electrical Specifications

Maximum Output

7,4 kW





Supply voltage

220V – 240 V


400 V




Maximum Current

32 A (1P)

16 A (3P)

32 A (3P)

Connector Type

Tipo 1/ Tipo 2

Tipo 2


Tipo 2


User interface and communications


Wi-Fi / Ethernet/  Bluetooth

User identification

Código PIN / RFID/  Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal

User interface

Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal / Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal

Charger status information

RGB LED/  Wallbox-app / myWallbox portal / Informação no ecrã

Features Included

Power Sharing Smart

Optional Features

Conectividade 3G/4G / Power Boost

Power Boost

The Power Boost system dynamically distributes the energy available between the charger and the rest of the devices in the house. This helps you to avoid exceeding the power of your infrastructure and avoids power cuts.


                 It measures the amount of electricity you consume for domestic use and uses the rest for the vehicle.


                 Protect your building's electrical installations and the local network.


                 Always charge with maximum power available.

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