NRGKick type2 (Mennekes) 3-phase (Adjustable 6A to 32A) 22Kw Kit PT

NRGKick type2 (Mennekes) 3-phase (Adjustable 6A to 32A) 22Kw Kit PT
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NRGKick type2 (Mennekes) 3-phase (Adjustable 6A to 32A) 22Kw Kit PT

- Smart charging at any power socket;

- Up to 22 kW of charging power (charge 10x quicker);

- Charge at 16A industrial power sockets;

- Automatic adapter recognition;

- Charging power adjustable via selector button: 2.3Kw - 22 kW;

- Integrated residual current protection;

- View charge data and manage charging station on an app, via Bluetooth;

- For all type 2 electric cars;

The smartphone app and NRGkick must have the same access code to allow NRGkick to communicate with your smartphone. The default access code can be changed in the device settings. If the NRGkick is connected to the smartphone, the code automatically updates in the app and in the NRGkick.

Access Charging Data via App

You can use the app to adjust the charging power in 1 A increments for example, as well as for viewing charging data and status. The app can show an overview of the energy used for charging, and a detailed overview of the last three charging processes. Costs for the electricity used are also displayed.

Automatic Maximum Charging Power Detection

The NRGkick charging station automatically detects the max. charging power using the specially developed adapter, therefore saving even more time when charging your electric car. Simply connect and start charging.

Anti-Theft, Tamper-Proof and Password-Protected

The smart charging cable can only be disconnected and removed if the car is unlocked. Thieves have no chance. Nor can anyone unauthorized to adjust the charging current when charging, as this can only be done via the app. The NRGkick and app are password protected and their date is secured.

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