JuiceBooster2 6A a 32A Kit EU

JuiceBooster2 6A a 32A Kit EU

Product Description

JuiceBooster2 EU Kit 3 in 1

Portable Charger-Wallbox-Three-Phase Cable.

The safest and most versatile 22 kW charging station.

Kit Compatible with all outlets in Europe and with all electric vehicles,

with type 2 charging socket.

Smallest and safest mobile 22 kW charging station.
Compatible with all electric vehicles with type 2 or type 1 charging socket.

Three-phase, 11 or 22 kW charging with up to 32 amps.
Fully charged in 3-4 hours in ideal conditions

IP67 waterproof, drive-over resistant, suitable for use in -25 to +45 degrees, maximum safety in accordance with the latest standards

Drive-over resistant to a wheel load of over 3 tonnes, impact-resistant and dust proof.

Not only splash-proof in accordance with IP67 but completely water resistant.

FI-AEV circuit breaker technology is already integrated, thus eliminating the need for an expensive and complicated subsequent installation. Charging stations without FI-AEV protection can be lethal.

Compatible with all vehicles featuring a type 2  or type 1 connection.

3-in-1: In addition to being used as a mobile charging station, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 can also be used as a wall box (with wall bracket) or type 2 cable (with type 2 adapter).

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