Wallbox Silver-Series 22Kw Bi-Phase (Self-Adjusting) Three-phase

Wallbox Silver-Series 22Kw Bi-Phase (Self-Adjusting) Three-phase
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Product Description

Silver-Series 22Kw Bi-Phase Wallbox (Self-Adjusting) Three-phase

Three-phase to single-phase charger / converter with automatic load reduction

Double the power, double the speed.

It is not a "common" EVSE. Connected to a three-phase source, it combines the power of two phases into a "super phase" to double its charging speed.

The RCB typeB is installed inside. No additional costs.

With the unique ability to reduce the load speed, when another load is detected - your breakers will be history.

The battery balancing procedure can increase the battery's useful capacity and health status (SOH) - perfect for Nissan Leaf and Jaguar i-Pace, improving the battery balance of the Audi eTron.

Use the touchscreen, update new functions via USB.

Monitor the health of your home power network with a spectacular SOP (power state) parameter. Be safe and protected while loading your car.

This EVSE / electric car charger can be flexibly completed according to the customer's wishes.

We believe that Accelev v2 is the most modern EVSE / “wall box” of our times.

Grid monitoring - immediate load speed reduction while another load is detected - no more fuse switches off

BatteryCare ™ - exclusive full charge / no full charge modes with maximum battery life protection

Upgradeable - update the latest firmware via the micro USB extension port.

2.8-inch touchscreen - human interface with “geek mode” - you can monitor all parameters during loading.

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