Wallbox Quasar-Series 7.4Kw DC Bidireccional

Wallbox Quasar-Series 7.4Kw DC Bidireccional
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Wallbox Quasar-Series 7.4Kw DC Bi-Direccional

Wallbox's Quasar charger was developed to transform electric vehicles into powerful energy sources. Thanks to its bidirectional technology, it can not only charge and discharge your vehicle, but also transfer current from the vehicle's battery to the public electricity grid. With the Quasar model, your electric vehicle's battery does more than just drive: it gives you extra energy for other moments in your life.


The Quasar model's patented bidirectional technology allows you to charge and discharge your electric vehicle, transforming it into an electric storage unit that can replace or boost/increase the capacity of a domestic battery. Use your electric vehicle to transfer current to the public network.*

* Depending on your electric company's energy supplier



The world's smallest and lightest DC charger, and the only one designed specifically for home use. With features like facial recognition and gesture control, it's easy to use the charger.



Connects to your smart devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and 4G (optional).



Plan your charging sessions to take advantage of the times when consumption is cheaper, control the charger status and take advantage of many other benefits with the myWallbox application.


Integrated intelligence

Don't worry about having a bad network in the garage or parking lot. The Quasar model has Bluetooth technology, so you can continue to operate your charger even without a network


Up to 7.4 kW of power in both directions. It is compatible with the CHAdeMO charging cable and accessible via the myWallbox app, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and 4G connection (optional).*

General Specifications








 13.8x13.8x5.9" (350.5x350.5x150mm)



Cable length 


Electrical Specifications

 Maximum Power: 

7,4 kW 

DC voltage range

150V – 500 V

Maximum AC current:

from 6A a 32A

Cable section


User interface and connectivity 


Bluetooth, Wi-Fi / Ethernet/Bluetooth/ Opciona: 3G-4G                        

User identification

APP my Wallbox / Cartão RFID/ Reconhecimento Facial 

User interface

APP my Wallbox/ Controlo por gestos 

Charger Status Information

Color screen/ LED / RGB 

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