Privacy policy

1. Responsible Data Processing

Ecoreflexus, Lda., located at Rua Antonio Livramento nº 3C in Lisbon, Portugal, holder of taxpayer no. PT508454808 is responsible for processing the personal data of the "i9Charge", hereinafter referred to as i9Charge, and can be contacted by email at and by phone at (+351) 217579065. (National landline call)

i9Charge is an electronic store that sells products mainly for Electric Vehicle charging, among others, and that can be accessed by the domain

The collection and processing of data that we carry out comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

2. Rights of data subjects

Data subjects have the rights to:

• Information - the i9Charge data subjects has the right to be informed about the data we collect and how we treat them. This information is grouped in this privacy policy;

• Access - the i9Charge data subject has the right to access their personal data. Access to personal data can be done by accessing the customer area of our store by entering the username and password chosen at the time of registration in our store;

• Rectification, erasure, restriction of processing or portability - the i9Charge data subject has the right to request rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and portability of their personal data, by email request addressed to the i9Charge, and on a case by case basis , according to the category of data concerned.

• Object - the i9Charge data subject has the right to object to processing of data, for preponderant and legitimate reasons, duly explained in writing, sent by email addressed to i9Charge;

• Notification - the i9Charge data subject has the right to be notified of data processing, whenever it occurs in situations not provided for in this policy;

• Automated treatment - the i9Charge data subject has the right that decisions made on the basis of "automated processing" that affect them or that affect them significantly and which are based on their personal data are made by natural persons and not just by computers. The data subject also has the right, in this case, to express its point of view and to contest the decision.

• Right of complaint - the i9Charge data subject has the right to complain about how his/her data is processed for the controller of i9Charge identified above in the first instance or for the National Data Protection Commission (www.

3. Data categories

The categories of data collected by i9Chargeare:

• Billing data;

• Data for contacts;

• Data for shipment of goods;

• Data for the newsletter;

4. Data Collection and Purpose

The customer submits the data we collect through our store at the time of purchase.

• The billing data is collected for the purpose of being able to issue a legal billing document on behalf of the customer;

• Data for contacts is collected for the purpose of communicating with the customer in the pre-purchase and post-purchase period, as well as in future technical assistance, return or complaint;

• The data for the shipment of goods is collected to allow the shipment of the goods whenever the address in question is different from the address used for billing;

• The newsletter data is collected for the purpose of sending commercial information to the customer;

5. Data Processing

The processing of data takes place after the request of purchase by the customer (data categories for invoicing, contacts and shipments), or after subscribing to our newsletter (data category for newsletter);

6. Security of processing

The collected data is stored in a database in the i9Charge store software. Access to the store's admin panel, access to the hosting control panel, and access to the database manager have very strong passwords.

The hosting has installed a security certificate (https).

The hosting is backed up daily for redundancy and biweekly for system resetting purposes.

Locally, data is stored in an Ecoreflexus computer located at our headquarters. This computer has a password to access and resume after inactivity, a firewall and antivirus program. A periodic backup of this computer to an external hard drive is performed.

The management and billing software where the data is entered is configured with access levels, allowing only the company manager to change or delete any customer data. The access to the software in question is individual and made by a password.

7. Data Transmission

In some categories of products and/or brands, we transmit customer identification data (Data Category to Billing) to manufacturers and / or representatives for product warranty purposes.

In no other situation are data transmitted to third parties.

8. Data Retention

We retain data for the following time periods:

• Billing data is stored indefinitely in our billing software

• Contact data is maintained for up to 3 years after the end of the warranty on the equipment sold

• Data for shipment of goods are kept up to 3 years after the last shipment of goods;

• The data for the newsletter is kept permanently unless the client requests to delete it. 

9. Updates

Our privacy policy can be changed without prior notice and is immediately updated in the Privacy Policy link in the footer of our store, so you should consult the latest version each time you access our store and / or make a purchase.

Present changes do not affect purchases and/or other business relationships made in the past or progress.

NOTE: This document is a translation of the original, made in the Portuguese language. In case of doubt, the original document in Portuguese prevails.