i9Charge "Electric Vehicle Chargers" is a trademark of Ecoreflexus, located at Rua Antonio Livramento nº 3C and NIF-508454808.

It was created with the aim of providing systems and solutions for charging electric vehicles

At i9Charge "Electric Vehicle Chargers Store",

We are committed to constant research and partnership with prestigious manufacturers.

That is why we offer our clients, services and solutions at the forefront of efficiency, quality, technology, safety and design.

The trust placed by our customers is our guarantor of quality, associating a proper and controlled management (ignoring the immediate commercial interests and privileging the after sales service and quality of the product),

We contributed to the structuring of a segment of innovative activity destined to play a preponderant role in society.

Together towards electric mobility.

The i9Charge "Electric Vehicle Chargers Store" Experience and technological innovation