These general terms and conditions of sale are agreed between i9charge, owned by Ecoreflexus, Lda. Headquartered at Rua António Livramento nº 3C Lisbon Portugal, taxpayer no. PT508454808, Social Capital € 5,000.00 Registered at Cascais CRC under number 508454808 at 28 / 01/2008 hereinafter referred to as "i9charge" and customers who wish to make purchases through the Website, hereinafter referred to as "Customer".

Access to this store can also be done through the extra domain, to which all the sales conditions presented for the domain apply.

The parties agree that the purchases made through this website will be regulated exclusively by this contract, excluding any conditions previously available on the Website.


The present general conditions of sale are intended to provide and define all the necessary information to the customer on the ordering, sale, payment and delivery modalities of purchases made on the website

These conditions regulate all the steps necessary to place the order and guarantee the follow-up of this order between the Contracting Parties.


The Customer can send his order through the purchase process available on the website by "Shopping Cart", selecting "ADD" from any product on the website;

To send an order, the Customer must:

Register on the website, making available the information requested there.

Perform the "LOG IN" (inserting the Email and password chosen by the Client at the time of registration).

Complete the information and choose the options available throughout the "ORDER" process (delivery and billing address, shipping method, payment method).

The confirmation of the order by the customer is equivalent to complete acceptance of the prices and description of the products available for sale as well as the general conditions of sale that will be the only ones applicable to the contract thus concluded.

I9charge will honour orders received online only up to the limit of available stocks. In the absence of product availability, i9charge undertakes to inform the customer as soon as possible.


Orders can be delivered only in the modalities informed on the website

Home delivery cannot be made in PO Boxes.

I9charge commits to delivering the ordered items as soon as possible. The availability periods contained in the product sheets should be considered indicative only.

The availabilities presented in the product sheets are based on past supply history for these products. Such estimates do not guarantee future supplies.

I9charge will always strive to meet these deadlines.

I9charge, foreseeing difficulties in meeting delivery deadlines, will inform the customer of this, providing him with the option of terminating the contract. By not activating this right, we assume that the customer remains interested in the order and consents to delivery beyond that period.

To follow up on order in progress, the customer must go to the online customer area, where he can send an electronic message.

In order to estimate the total time until receipt of an order, the customer should consider the date of receipt of payment for the order to start counting;

Availability: Availability means the period in which the product is ready for dispatch. When ordering two or more products with different availability, the highest value must always be considered. The availability can be consulted in the fact sheet of each product.


I9charge offers the Customer the following payment methods:

  • Paypal;
  • Bank transfer;
  • ATM. (only for Portugal);
  • Vivawallet (Credit cards).

The Customer will pay a lump sum corresponding to the costs of handling, packaging and shipping the order.

I9charge guarantees maximum confidentiality and security in data transmitted over the internet.

Upon confirming the order, the customer will receive a shipping note by email. Later, the official commercial transaction document will be delivered as an invoice or invoice receipt.

The data entered in the account creation process or the form will be copied to the invoice or invoice/receipt and therefore are the customer's responsibility. Once issued, the invoice or invoice/receipt cannot be reissued with changes.


Prices shown are in Euros, with taxes and fees included, taking into account the VAT in force at the time of order payment.

If there is a change in the price lists of products for sale on this website, this situation will require an update of the advertised prices. If this situation occurs with any product of an order, if it implies a price increase, the customer will be informed immediately, being able to choose to receive your order (making the payment of the difference) or to proceed with its cancellation.

The prices presented in the "CONFIRM ORDER" process always correspond to the most current prices in force. However, they should only be considered valid while they are visible on the website on a refreshed page (cache or uncooled pages may show prices that are no longer in force). The price shown is only guaranteed under these conditions and only after the order is properly registered.


Instant Discounts

Instant discounts are price discounts that are in force for a period not previously determined, so these promotions should only be considered valid while visible on the website on a refreshed page (cache or non-refreshed pages, may show discounts that are no longer in effect). The discount seen is only guaranteed under these conditions and only after the order is properly registered.

To guarantee these discounts it is necessary that this product is added to the basket and made the "checkout" with the visible promotion. I9charge guarantees the discount if you receive the respective payment within a maximum period of 8 days, counting from the date of completion of the "CONFIRMATION OF ORDER".

Campaign Discounts

Campaign discounts are price discounts that have an effective date. These discounts represent a commitment during the announced period, but always on the condition that the order is finalized by the Customer, through the "ORDER CONFIRMATION" and paid until the end of that period.

To guarantee these discounts, it is necessary that the product is added to the basket and that the "ORDER CONFIRMATION" is finalized with the visible promotion.

Saving a product in the “Shopping Cart” does not guarantee its price or discount.


The Client may submit its complaints to Ecoreflexus, located at Rua António Livramento, nº3c, store G. 1600-371 LISBOA.


I9charge is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused to the Customer by using the Internet network, such as service disruption, outside intrusion, anomalies caused by computer viruses or any other force majeure.


The entire content of the website is the intellectual property of i9charge, and cannot be copied or reproduced, except to the extent strictly necessary to allow it to be read online.

The contents on this website are produced by internal and external sources, so i9charge is not responsible for the lack of updating and/or inaccuracy of this information.

All texts, images, illustrations, photographs, trademarks and other elements of the website are protected by law.


The Parties agree that the computerized records, kept in i9charge's computer systems in reasonable security conditions, prove the communications, orders and payments made between the parties.


Archiving orders and invoices will be made on a reliable and durable medium to correspond to a faithful and lasting copy.


The law applicable to any contractual relationship established through the i9charge website is Portuguese law.

In order to settle any and all conflicts arising from any contract entered into under these general conditions of sale, the Lisbon District Court will be competent with the express waiver of any other.


The native language of this store is Portuguese. In case of discrepancies in the information provided in this store, the Portuguese language prevails.

Any translation error for the remaining available languages, which implies the sale, collection or shipping under commercial conditions other than those presented in the native language, do not imply obligation on our part in the sale in question.

Exception made in cases where specific country-specific conditions are offered.