Wallbox TRYDAN-Series 7.4Kw 5mts Cable) DLB + Wi-fi + APP (Adjustable 6A to 32A) Single-phase

Wallbox TRYDAN-Series 7.4Kw 5mts Cable) DLB + Wi-fi + APP (Adjustable 6A to 32A) Single-phase
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Product Description

    Wallbox TRYDAN C-Series 7.4Kw DLB + Wi-fi + APP + Alexa (Adjustable 6A to 32A) Single-phase

    - The TRYDAN Wallbox combines intelligence with perfect control at your fingertips.

    - With Trydan you'll discover a new way of charging: the most original and smartest known so far.

    - A revolutionary design composed of an avant-garde style that brings elegance and functionality.

     DLB - Dynamic Load Balancing Included

    * Trydan is compatible with all wireless solar inverters. It establishes a direct connection with

    GoodWe, Fronius, Huawei, Ingeteam, Kostal, SolarEdge, SolaX, Victron and also Shelly and Wibeee meters.

    - Charging power up to 7.4kW

    - Built-in 5m charging cable

    - Compatible with all type 2 electric cars

    - Bluetooth connectivity

    General Specifications 



    Cable length

    5 mt.


    Black/ Grey

    Loading Mode

    mode 3



    Operating temperature

    -25°C a 55°C

    Storage temperature


    -40°C a 70°C


    Electrical Specifications

     Maximum Output

    7,4 kW

    Supply Voltage

    220V – 240 V

    Maximum Current

    32 A (1P)

    Connector Type

    Type 2

    Configurable Charging Current

    from 6A to maximum output          

    Nominal Frequency

    50Hz/ 60Hz    

    Protection Classification

    User Interface and communications    Bluetooth-wi-fi Alexa

    Connectivity User APP Wi-fi

    User interface LCD/ APP

    Charger status information LCD/ APP

    IP54 / IK10

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